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Malika Reese was born in California in the 70’s, to White and Black writers. Words, and a love for them, helped shape her. Moving to Australia at a young age Malika travelled between the two countries, also spending time living in Europe and Asia. Wollongong has been home for the longest and best parts. With a creative flair for telling tales, Malika has been writing stories and scripts from a young age. She graduated from the University of Wollongong, with a BCA in Writing and a BA in English. This is where she first starting writing and directing short films and theatre pieces. Malika worked at Foxtel for nearly a decade in a variety of production roles. She has written short film and feature film scripts, and a biographical novel. Moving into performance, Malika has made music video clips; and is co-directing a documentary about her great aunt, a 1950’s songwriter Jessie Mae Robinson. Malika has also co-written and directed dozens of shows for her local community.

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